Email cant be send

Assume that the email is valid but i cant send the email out
I have tried click , double click and the hot key of send both also didnt work , i have set delay before the send but it still go to the next email sending quickly


May I know what error are you getting here ?

I can see you set Delay after clicking Send button.

i cant send the email out , and it quickly goes to the next action which is another sending of email , so i set a delay before going to the next sending of email

When u are manually trying is it working?

yes when i manually press send it does send

after typing the sub and email

Put a delay before clicking the button

also try to make it work by enabling the simulate option

i dont know what is sub means , but i did put a delay for 3 seconds / 10 seconds before clicking the send button , and it still does not work

sub means subject

is it throwing any errors?

Hi modify the selector of the send button like this below

<html app='chrome.exe' title='Inbox*Gmail' />
<webctrl css-selector='div[class="T-I J-J5-Ji aoO v7 T-I-atl L3"]'/>

Nived N

No , it does not throw any error the problem is it cant send the email.

just updated my above answer
kindly check it

Hi , where do i modify the selector of the send button?

in the selector property panel

select it and add this selector as below

Nived N

Hi , i have modified the selector and i still cant click to send out the email


Try with CLICK activity itself

With below properties

—enable SIMULATE click property
(if that doesn’t work disable that and enable SEND WINDOW MESSAGE PROPERTY)

—along with above change the WAITFORREADY property COMPLETE so only if all the element is loaded it will pass through that activity

Along with this include some time delay as you have it already

And above all add a BREAK POINT to that click activity and run in debug mode
On running once it reaches to that activity click on Continue and see whether that activity is executing or not
If it executes fine then remove that breakpoint and run in normal mode


Well , i did paste your code to the selector but after i run 1 time that it will become like this .


Keep that mail composer open and then see here in the selector editor whether the VALIDATE is glowing green in Color
If not then re indicate the button and try again


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Hi @Palaniyappan , @NIVED_NAMBIAR
I have not try @Palaniyappan latest reply.
Thank you for your guys help .
I did a mistake which I have 2 open browser activity , hence , i keep editing the second one , the result is still the same .
Thank you guys for helping .
I guess I will mark my reply as solution?
Stay safe and take care.

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