Email body paste into a new excel file content

hi i wanted to read my email body content then paste into a excel file
i have created a excel file from blank then i will read the range and then use the email
to copy the body and paste into the excel how can i do it
The excel is a blank page
test.xlsx (8.2 KB)Email from Body.xaml (40.8 KB)

Hi @CoolRobot,

speaking from a theoretical point as i can’t view your workflows right now:

The usual way would be:

  1. Read range to get your .xlsx template to dt (include headers)
  2. Prepare the info from your mail the way wanted and insert it in the dt.
  3. Write range to output you dt as .xlsx file

hey thanks it work but is pretty messy
is there a way where i can copy like this

nicely to excel
i try and it paste like to excel

which went i copy some data and paste i am missing some number

Could it be that html code is the problem?

that why i decide to write into html and it work great