Email Body Including HTML as an Asset

Hi All,

Could someone please explain to me why retrieving an asset with HTML and then assigning it to a string variable results in a broken image on the mail at the end?
When at the same time without the asset HTML it being treated just fine.

Case of invalid image

Asset (as Text) on Orchestrator: " <html>......"

Get Asset: Output (as string)

Assign Output(as string) to a new variable BodyMail(as string)

Case of valid image

No Get Asset, just assigning " <html>......" as a text to BodyMail variable.


Hey @ykuzin,
Can you please explain your expected output in the mail?
If you are trying to show a HTML in the mail body it won’t show up. You have replace some HTML tags

  • Replace the & character with &amp
  • Replace the < character with &lt
  • Replace the > character with &gt

Hi @Rajat_16

thanks, we had that situation before trying to move email body’s content to have it inside assets on Orchestrator and every HTML tag or character seemed to add a picture and some text to the email, it was a string with HTMl code inside it.

now, being able ,as it seems, to create an asset that stores text information (same string) we however can’t get the same result.