Email Automation, saving the attachments

Hi Community,
Here in Email AUtomation I want to save the attachments from the specified Mail using IMAP. Unfortunately, it ends with an unsaved the attachments.

Kindly help me out

Hello @prasanthyadav73,

IMAP has some issues, Use Gsuite activity its more reliable.


Hi @prasanthyadav73

Have you tried SMTP mail activity for Gmail?

In my workflow, I used IMAP for Gmail

Gsuites Mean???
Actually I tried IMAP for gmail in workflow for displaying subject in output, It works fine .
When i used for saving the attachments it won’t producing the expected results…

Hello @prasanthyadav73

Try this
test.xaml (9.0 KB)


You have comment out Save Attachment Activity in screenshot.
can you share your workflow?

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