Email Automation Outlook or Gmail?

Hello Forum, Today i’m working on The Email Automation Course and it came to my interest how does the rest of the Developers really work when dealing with emails. Do you all work with outlook? I don’t really use outlook but just for the course i’m trying to download the app to my pc, but it’s becoming a problem since to e able to download the app i have to give some kind of permission on Play Store on a Android Device, but i don’t have any android device.
Then i found that i can install a extension to my chrome but i’m not sure if that is goign to work, because to be able to use the email outlook activities on studio you have to have the API.
So, Does all developers work with Outlook, if not, How do they work with gmail?


Usually in Enterprise Organizations they have the Outlook installed in the robot machines to use the Outlook Activities

If you want to use Gmail / any other than outlook then they use IMAP to get the messages and SMTP activities to send the mails

Hope this will help you