Email Automation in StudioX - Practice - SLA Assistant

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Just curious. What is meant by SLA or what does it stand for?

Hello @Same.Maroc!

An SLA (service level agreement) describes what a customer can expect from a service provier.

Hi there,

The steps for Gmail are a bit challenging. I did find them in the “official docs” but still faced some challenges and for now I am still getting the credential requests. Will try again.


Nice Guide for Email Automation.


The provided html email is malformed

I run into this problem and dont know how to fix

I ran into the same problem as you @Kamran_Mammadli . I just changed everything to just be text. I had a warning before even executing that the HTML was not going to work, so I just gave up. I think using the Text option is ok because it teaches you how to insert the variables so each e-mail reply is customized.

if you start from the project from the scratch, it will work. A lot of examples, project files are legacy files and UiPath retired legacy support in 2022. The learning materials are from 2021.

Ok. thanks for letting me know. I’ll try it again. :slight_smile:

I also had issues with the HTML not being formatted properly. I ended up using the text instead, but how does the issue get fixed?