Email Automation- ignore email signature while retrieving data from email body

Hi all,

I want the bot to completely ignore the email signature while reading data from the body of the email.
Any thoughts on this?
Please see the image below

Since there is no way to distinguish body from signature you’ll need to determine the acceptable level of accuracy - its all just “text” in the body.

For a quick and dirty one, anything after “regards” “kind regards” etc… remove.
For a slightly better approach, if table contains “@”, delete the table etc… remove.

If you’re serious about getting it crazy accurate I’m sure you could do things like compare the text of the email body with the bodies of previous emails, removing the differential etc…

Its not a great problem to be trying to solve, I’d also question why solve it. The cost of storing would be minimal, the unforeseen consequences might be worse.


okay Noted.