Email Automation - Find Pattern and amend Subject


I have a CMS system that can ingest emails automatically, provided that only the case reference is in the subject of a received e-mail, so I am trying to use UIPath to read from multiple mailboxes, using multiple patterns via regex to extract the case reference and then trying to amend the subject, before moving the email to another mailbox to be automatically processed.

95% of that works but I am struggling to amend the subject of the email before moving it to another mailbox, any ideas?

I am using GetExchangeMailMessage and then looping through each e-mail and then MoveExchangeEmailMessage to move the e-mail on, however an assign of mail.Subject = mailSubjectString does not change the original e-mail subject, the easy answer would be to forward the e-mail using the newly assigned subject, but i will also lose the e-mail details when it is processed into the CMS system, as it will effectively become an internal e-mail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I would say in general the emails are Immutable (the original instance) so unless you are willing to clone it, copy it or etc
So I wouldn’t expect that is possible to change properties of an email object

Thanks for the reply Alex, I think you’re right on that aspect of what I was trying to achieve, so I am now going down the route of forwarding the e-mail with an amended subject using Send SMTP mail message, which will allow me to send from the original From address… once I can configure the SMTP settings as i am currently getting “No compatible authentication mechanisms found”