Email Attachments When IsBodyHTML is True

This feels like a bug in the IMB Notes activity, however, when I provide some HTML text (‘EmailBody’ in the screenshot provided) to the following, I need to tick the IsBodyHTML property to ensure it renders it correctly at run time when the email is sent.

image image

The HTML text is simple:


<p>Please find attached your test results.</p>


However, the issue is that when IsBodyHTML = True, the email received has no attachment. Which I have asked it to send:


When I set it to False, the attachment is sent, but the body is not rendered using the HTML provided:


Has anyone encountered this issue previously either with notes or other HTML encoded emails?



When you checked IsBodyHtml option then attachment will be added at the top but not in body of the mail.

Is it added at the top of the mail or not ?

@lakshman The attachment is added under the attachments property as a string indicating the file path to the attachment

Do I need to add this into the body of the email when using HTML rather than in the properties?

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No. Whatever you did it’s correct only. Don’t know where the issue is.