Email attachments saving folder automatically

hey when ever iam running the program iam getting an error.iam attaching my screen shots program is all about saving the email attachments using the subject automatically in the local folder.!

gettting an error like this let me know the solution for it.

Are you using Save Attachments activity @sne ?

Then you can give the folder path you want your files to save there…

There is no error in the screenshot :slight_smile:

Can you post the error ?

“C:\Users\bannu\OneDrive\Documents\save_attachments” yes i have given save attachment activity

@sne in the first screenshot i didn’t find any errors it looks good just check the folder path correctly which you’re looking to save.

It will save the files in the path you provide for sure if your path is correct @sne. Check if the files are saved in that location.

If you are getting any error, then post the error to check :slight_smile:

when ever iam debbugging iam getting an error in the imap mail messages only it is not going in the loop itself

Then the error will be in the get mails activity itself @sne. But as you are not posting the error, we are not able to give you an answer to that :slight_smile:

this is the error screen shot iam sending

this is error iam getting when i gave password in the input dialogbox

Are you retrieving mails from Outlook @sne?

I don’t know much about IMAP mail :slight_smile: . But make sure you are giving the port server and email correctly. If the outlook or the mail box is opened the same machine, no need to authenticate again. May be the issue with port and server

sir now its executing in the imap as there i made an error in giving the credentials in the properties.but iam getting an error in the if condition as it is said like this below iam attaching a screen shot .

no iam retreiving mails from gmail

Hi, If you could upload the xaml file please.

@sne make sure the the if condition is inside the for each body only.

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