Email attachment in novigio solutions in twilio

Hai everyone,
My requirements is send email with attachment but it’s showing error for me in novigio solutions send grid activity can anyone help me how to do on that part in this email system.

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Hi @siva_sankar !
May you screenshot properties of Send Email ?

Here it is the screenshot of properties

Here is the argument I created and passed there

Indeed it won’t work because at the field Attachments.Collection it’s expecting a collection (list, array).
If there is no other field named “Attachment”, then what you should do is creating a List like that:

Then use add to collection to add your file:

Finally, put your list variable in the field of Attachments.Collection of Send Mail activity


Thank you I will try this one :blush:

Its worked thank you :blush::smiley::smiley: I am really happy :relaxed::heart::slightly_smiling_face::heart:
Thank you so much @Hiba_B

Happy automation!!!

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You’re welcome ! :smile:

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