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How to prevent sending mails to same person multiple times

Hi @ajaynnair2

Can you give more details on your issue?



We need more details for the specific scenario…

but if you are using some process and you are having send email and in a loop and say one person name might come multiple times but you want to send only once …then

either limit the person coming twice by filtering or removing duplicates…if that is not possible or you do not want to limit there

then…if only one bot is used then just use a argument and add the names that are processed to it and before sending email use a if condition str_containingProcessedNames.Contains(var_currentname) and send email on the else side and if name repeats it goes to then side and no email is sent

Another way is to use get mail activity before send mail and get the emails from sent folder with filter on email id and with a date filter of today …then check the output.count>0 then a email is sent so do not send else send the email again

Hope this helps