Else Condition Working very Slow

Hi All,

Below is my workflow and the else condition is executing very slow despite SimulateClick Activity has been clicked. Can anyone provide any solutions.

Hi @Jasmine_Kaur_Buttar,

Is that window is opened in the browser?

If not just keep that window open and check…


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@Jasmine_Kaur_Buttar Please use try catch instead of using if else .

put the “then” process in try and “Else” process in catch. It works faster than if else.

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hi @Syed_Kashif_Nasar
How are you expecting me to put the else in catch


  1. Remove if else activity .
  2. The element exist activity will take care of if else.
  3. Put the “then” process in “try”.
  4. Put the “else” process in “Catch”.
  5. Put the exception type as any exception.

Please get back incase of any clarifications.

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I tried this method still it is very slow! :frowning:

Hi @Vashisht,

I tried to open the pop up window activity using attach browser and attach window activity but the entire system gets very slow. Any solutions.

Hi @Jasmine_Kaur_Buttar,

Sorry i did not get you…
Can you explain again…

I believe this is some UiPath Issue itself!

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Yes @Jasmine_Kaur_Buttar,

It will do like that sometimes…

Try to restart the studio…


Try setting the property waitforready to None and see if it is faster.

And also try this -

Delete attach browser, just look for that message box exists (element exists) and then click ok.

Karthik Byggari

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I think it might be the element exist activity above your if activity that is slowing it down. The default timeout is 30seconds (it used to be 3000). Go to the activity and write in the timeout section: 3000. It should speed it up.