Eliminating the validation part

Hello community

I am currently working on a large dataset which makes the validation part, not a good solution (it takes time, etc )

Is there a way that makes me train my robot without validation?
thnx in advance

can you please explain in details what is your requirements?

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I have a large quantity of files that want to process with Document Understanding But because of the presence of the Validation Station, it seems an impossible job. Is it possible not to use Validation Station? I have to somehow train the model but is there a way to skip the validation by the human? is this case how can i train my robot

In case if you don’t want to go through with validation part just comment out this activity and run the process

thank u
But is this case how my robot is going to learn because we know that validation is an essential part for the robot to learn

as i know bot its learning from classification part

validation part is just only showing what value its extracting

But it is important where there is no classification result