Elements not detectable from second tab UIpath browser

I am facing a weird problem.
My process includes:

Open a Web Browser => Analyze it’s keyword using keywords everywhere extension which opens the result in a new tab => download csv.

Here is how it looks:

All I want to press is that csv button. And since it opens in new tab after clicking this:

What I tried:

Changing the tab using ctrl + 2 (for chrome)
Closing the first tab and then trying to locate the element (this didn’t work as well)

Can someone suggest me a work around on locating such elements?

Extension is keywords everywhere and can work on any page just right click and analyze this page and there you find all the list and I want to export that by pressing that csv button.

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Hey @spidey,

Use Ctrl + Tab using send hotkey and switch tabs.

You may use find element to confirm that element present or again apply Ctrl + Tab

This may help you resolve.

Cheers :+1:

Hi Here’s my xaml for your reference, I tried using ctrl + tab but that didn’t work. and what is this find element? Can you elaborate more possibly with screenshot or something? that would be really helpful. Thanks in advancd.FromScratch.xaml (9.7 KB)

Thanks so much your solution helped me resolve my issue.

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