Elements detection and rendering

Hello, everyone :smiley:

I’m trying to extract around 10k lines of data in a desktop application table, written in JavaFX.
I researched a lot in the forum and found some old, unanswered questions. There are somethings I would like to understand better and maybe someone already found a solution:

  • Data scraping does not work and gives me the error: “This control does not support data extraction. Please select a table cell”.

After trying the steps in the link Java Extension Troubleshooting, I assumed that it is not possible to extract all this data in one shot because of the way the application was built. The selectors show a lot of “uia” tags. It doesn’t look like a table structure.

So I tried an approach of Find Children, on the table element. I was able to recover the nodes with FIND_DESCENDANTS scope, but only the visible ones.

I scroll the table down and repeat the activity to get the next ones and so on.

  • If Data scraping worked for my case, would it give me the 10k lines of data or just the rendered ones?

  • Is it possible to access an element even if its not rendered yet?