ElementExists timed out

why ElementExists is timing out and throws error instead of setting the output false, when the element doesnt exist?

Hi @rpn_mail

There are some possible reazons, here are few

  • The selector is invalid, please try to retake it and validate that the selector is working fine
  • The web page or application has not loaded completly, please try to set the wait for ready property to complete
  • Make sure you are working in the correct tab or application by using Use Application/Browser Activity or Attach Window/Browser activity

Hope one of the above helps


Check time out property of Element Exist.
By default its time is 30 second. If the element doesn’t load with in time then it will give you timeout error. Increase timeout.

Check selector for Element Exist and make sure it is valid one for every case.

The default time for element exists is 30 seconds , If the element is not found within this time then it throws this error


Element exists may throw error if selector is wrong or item is not found. An alternate method can be to use check app state


Are you talking about element exists or find element?


Hi @rpn_mail ,

Could you confirm us on whether the activity used is indeed the Element Exists activity ?

Also, Let us know what was the Error occurred.

ElementExists. It is not supposed to throw error even when the selector is not found, correct?


Correct…it shpuld give false…can you show some screenshot


I dont have a screenshot. it is just timing out. And it is frustrating. Any solution is highly appreciated.

No, it won’t give you a timeout error if the element doesn’t exist. It will return false. That’s the point of the activity.

Take a screenshot of your activity and post it here so we can see how it’s configured. Are you running in Debug? Are you sure it’s actually the Element Exists activity that’s faulting?

I am not running in Debug.

I am checking if the element (attached) exists or not. it is from an android emulator screen.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it throws Timeout error.

I am 100% sure that it is Element exists activity.

Here is the message from ExecutionLog

11:56:21.7579 Error {“message”:“Throw: ElementExists timed out.”,“level”:“Error”,“logType”:“Default”,“timeStamp”:“2023-08-02T11:56:21.7562387-04:00”,“fingerprint”:“f72b0d96-3d06-43bb-912d-5f2f2f9ab870”,“machineId”:39,“organizationUnitId”:19}

Note - I had to remove some information from the log for security purposes.


Can you try to increase the timeout

Looks like the element exists is taking time to get the elements as well…may be because of website still loading or being dynamic