Element is no longer valid


Hi all,

I found many threads in this heading, but none helped me in solving the situation. Among multiple tabs, I am trying to close a tab individually… I did the click activity to close the last tab, but when i continued the same closing the second last tab, i am getting the “Element No longer valid” exception. I thought, it might be the alignment changes ( coz of closing the last one). so i tried to use the “send hot keys” and used Ctrl + f4.
Still am getting the same…

Pls help.



Hi @kk.virags,

Can you tell me what tab are you closing? which application?

can you share the selector?




Have you tried using the “Close tab” activity?



Hi @kk.virags,

If you want to close the browser tab means use Close Tab activity



@Short, @arivu96 - Thanks for your response. I tried to use the close tab activity and even the the hot key “ctrl + W” either i get “ui element no longer valid” or “The browser was not specified for this activity”.




Try w (not capitalised or in quotes) and see if that works


Actually, i did a small mistake… i have given the Close tab activity inside an activity instead of browser activity.
It worked finally… Thanks everyone for your inputs.

@Short - Yes will try out that Small letter thing too. Thanks again for the info.