Element is disabled in selector edit

Hi, iam new in uipath and I was doing an exercise to extract data from two PDF documents with a similar layout. For this I needed to edit the selector manually but the first element is not enabled for editing. can you help me? This exercise was done at the uipath academy but it didn’t appear disabled to him, so I don’t understand.

For the purpose of the project to work I had to remove the data name of the last element and the title of the first element (which is disabled), so that I could read two pdf files (since they have different names)

Hi @Javiera_Pino,

Whenever you work within a scope (e.g. Open Browser, Attach Browser, Open Application, Attach Application, Use Application/Browser), the parent scope will contain the main selector that identifies which application is being automated against. Every activity within that scope will assume to be related to that parent scope and that first line of the selector will be greyed out, since it inherits that from its parent. If you need to edit this parent selector, you must do so from the parent scope activity.