Element Exists not working in Assignment 3 of Academy 2

I am having the same issue.

I have typed the correct expression
The selector is an expression editor
The variable has a value (1)

Are you allowed to ignore the given solution in the walkthrough and use the next page feature instead? It is annoying being forced to use a solution that does not work as it should. Point taken, you can do alot with selectors…

Please advise.


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Yes!! you can have different solutions there is no such boundation.

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Having the same issue. Frustrating. Spent almost a day trying to figure out. Lots of time spent in forum posting. I am pretty sure my syntax is right based on the instruction in the walk through as well as based on the posting in forum. But not sure why same syntax in the selector for Element Exist is working for some folks (based on the forum posting), but not for me. Really frustrating. See attached screenshot. Any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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Hi All,
An easy and alternative solution would be,(This solution is for scraping the work item page by page)

  1. Navigating to each page by URL(work-items/page-1) Note: replace the number with TransactionNumber.(like this “work-items/page-” + in_TransactionNumber.ToString)
    2.Use “element exist activity” to find whether there is any data in th e page. If the data is present continue with scraping the page, if the data is not present then that means its the last page and then set “TransactionNumber to Nothing”.
    3.It worked for me very well. See the image below for the reference.

I can’t seem to get any “exists” activity to work right. Element, image, or text. Not sure why or how that’s possible.

thanx bro