Element Exists in Background But Not Visible

Hi everyone!

I’m facing a problem in the interaction with Oracle Aplications PTHY4I.

The process runs through differente windows. The time to a new window appears varies deppending on the connection. It means that I’m trying to find an element appear to interact with it.

The problem is that when it loops through the process all the elements already exists in the background. It means that “Element exist” activity always returns True after the first process is complete.

The image below shows an element (Open button) in a window that I need to interact.

And then when it goes to the next window, “Open” button is still active/visible.

I’ve also already tried to use “Get Attribute | visibility”, “Find element”. All of them returns that the element already exists/is visible, even that it’s not appearing on the foreground screen.

Is there any activity that could help? (I am resistant by using image exist etc because it’s not too much reliable).

Thanks in advance.

often the attribute is visibility is not triggered on by display status. In Java applications we found out that relativeVisibility of an element or one its parent ( or parent…) is triggering the ststus. So you have to explore and search in UiExplorer visual tree (ensure that you update the properties properly). Also you can give atry UiPath uiElement API if isVisible helps. But keep in mind if an element (e.g another window) is hiding the already displayed element then isVisible leads to sideeffects.

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Humm got it. Unfortunately “relative Visibility” didn’t work (it returns True for both situations). I’ve tried all the parent’s options on visual tree and the result is the same when element is either on background or foreground :confused:

I don’t know about UiPath uiElement API. Could you please send me a link that I can read and understand about how it works?

use a find Element and set it to this element (The Button I guess)
set a breakpoint on relevant place after find element
Do debug
open watch panel and do some analysis with the variable from find element and the API

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I’ve done that but in both options (either in background or foreground) the informations showed in “watch panel” are the same.