Element Exists Activity is missing?

v.2021.2.0-beta.44 Element Exists Activity is missing

hope you install UIPATH.UIAUTOMATION.ACTIVities

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@Maytas_Hongsamut - please check this post …


I already downloaded Screenshot 2021-03-23 110724

Screenshot 2021-03-23 110724

@Maytas_Hongsamut - I asked to check the post for solution. This issue has been already raised.

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Do you have a link to that post? i can find post

thanks so much

@Maytas_Hongsamut use filter in the activities panel and select the classic actitivties.

Where is Show Classic?

PS Tried turning off Use Modern For New Projects and even restarted UiPath Studio and still no Show Classic and no Element Exists activity to use. :frowning:

Hi @tile2

If you want to use the classic design experience that includes the activities, wizards, and recorders that were available by default in Studio v2021.4 and older releases, disable the modern experience for specific projects or configure a global setting that makes it the default experience for all new projects. The project-level setting overrides the global setting.

  • To enable or disable the modern experience for a project, in the Project panel, select Project Settings , then use the Modern Design Experience toggle from the General tab and reload the project.


So in your case kindly disable modern design experience and reload the project

Hello Nikhil,

I’ve tried your suggestions and restarted UiPath Studio a couple of times already and still not seeing Show Classic option.



Thank you for prompt reply btw, @nikhil.girish I really appreciate it!

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Hum… I started a new project with Use Modern For New Project set to No then Element Exists showed up. Can’t seem to make it work for an existing project. This is not good. Thanks,

Great it’s displaying you the activity now

Happy Automation

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Tried with C# instead of VB and with Compatibility “Cross-Platform” with No for “Modern Design Experience” and again no Element Exists.


Hi @Maytas_Hongsamut, @tile2,

You can also use “Check app state” activity from the Modern Design if showing the classic activities is not working properly for you.
Check App State (uipath.com)

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