Element Exist variable always returns true, even though element is not visible

I have an element which is not visible on the webpage.

So, my idea is to press down button until element is visible.
I tried with WaitForReady(none, interactive, complete) property, but none of that options helped.
Any idea how could I overcome this problem?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @bp777,

Instead of element exists. try to use On Element Appear activity don’t forget to set false to repeatforever in propertery pane

If you want to scroll the page check this Set Focus activity to scroll to the element

I’ve tried as you said, but now I get an error:
VisualBasicValue: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

In which activity the error is throwing?

In While activity

Remove the loop and add timeout to the on element appear

Same thing as element exist. It only goes once down, and then program stops.
Why is that happening?

lets be a little more precise:
is not visible - in terms of the page needs to be scrolled down till we can see the element:

  • give a try on hover activity

is not visible - in terms of a style info is hiding it: have a look within uiexplorer if you can find the triggering style setting or make use of following library:
Reply - Get CSS Property Info - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

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Check this XAML test.xaml (13.2 KB)

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Thanks for the file, but I cannot open it.


Check this file project.zip (3.0 KB)

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