Element Exist using If condition

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I want to click the connect button. Some times its available in outside, some times available under More option. I had designed the flow chart for click connect button under more option using for each for multiple items. Kindly advise how can i click outside connect button using if condition.

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You can use ImageExists Activity (It returns a boolean) then put that boolean in IF activity

Hi, Thanks for your prompt response. When put the boolean in if activity I’m getting error. Kindly how can i put the boolean in if condition.
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Can you please share your code or screen shot how you putting the output from element/image exist!!!
Also with the screen shot of the if condition

–hope these steps could help you resolve this
using a element exists is a good option as it will allow the process to continue even when there is no element in the screen…
–so on using element exists we get a output variable of type boolean and lets name it as out_Boolean
–now in the if condition we can mention like this
out_Boolean = True
if the above condition satisfies it will go to THEN part where we can use a click activity to click that same element
or if the above condition fails it will go to ELSE part where where keep other activities when we dont have a element

Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
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Hey Baskaran, you can use Element Exists Activity

Along with this use If condition to check if the connect button exists.

Hi Please find the below screen shot for your reference. Element Exist output named as “Connection”

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Hi Thanks for your response. Please find the below screen shot for your ref. It’s goes else part " More " button not for Connect button.
Element Exist output named as “Connection”

Which means connect element is not there
Is it so
If you feel like it’s going in wrong side
Kindly check with with selector
If possible share a screenshot of the selector of element exists

Cheers @BaskaranVenkatesan

Hi All, Thanks for your support. Once again i had modified the selectors. Now its working properly.

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Hi, Thanks for your support, now working properly.

Cheers @BaskaranVenkatesan

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