Element Exist or text exist is not working in powershell

Why Powershell Element Exist cannot recognize the text inside the shell. It takes complete powershell as selector.

Blockquote here I want to select a text inside the Powershell but bot is not able to recognize

Hi @Ahmed_Nizamuddin
try with image exists activity buddy

or if possible try with computer vision activities

Cheers @Ahmed_Nizamuddin

Hi @Ahmed_Nizamuddin,

Spying through powershell and command prompt wont be possible as the whole window is taken as a single element.
To crack this you can use screen scraping over the powershell window and you will get the text as shown below:-

Once done ,all you have to do is use String.Contains(particular text you are looking for) and if its true you can have a boolean variable to store the value as ‘TRUE’ or ‘FALSE’.