Element Appears Randomly

I am facing an issue in my current automation project.The application is build using java. So when i tried to automate the process a windows appears asking do you want to run this application and i need to click yes in order to proceed with the automation process.The issue is that window appear randomly .
Any one please advise how to rectify this issue

Hi. You might be able to suppress the popup from ever occurring in some setting, especially if it is in Internet Explorer. If not, and you definitely need to click/close it, then you might try this:
—create a separate workflow that closes it, then Invoke this in your other workflow but using the Parallel activity. You will need the invoke to be placed probably in some loop though with a condition so it can end when you want to (like a boolean variable that stays True until it gets set to False and exits the loop.

I’m not sure how well that method works though.


Thanks!!! It worked