Element appear

Hi all,
I do the envoke VBA to refresh pivot table, however, when I run the envoke, it appears a window to ask to type the password to refresh data from data warehouse.
I try to use On element appear to type into password on the pop-up window, but it doesnt work.
Could you guide me with this?
Thank you!

If you expect it to really appear everytime, try to use “Element exists” to check if the pop up is there. And if it is there then go on to typing in the authentication details and click OK

@Li_Pham please check the pop up using element exists and if it exists you can use type into activity for entering username and password and use click activity to click ok button.

I have tried the element exists but because I use evoke vba to refresh, so nearly it cannot catch element exist when pop up appear.

I have tried the element exists to catch the pop up but it is not working.

I use the VBA belowed to refresh, could we add the password and username of sql server to the VBA code to refresh? Please help me.
"Sub Workbook_RefreshAll()
End Sub

Try to use a delay after the refresh before the element exists activity