Elegant way to update the outlook mailbox credential

Currently, I’ve added multiple email account to the outlook. However, I was worried that If the outlook mail account password has changed. It’ll show a lot of pop up message box. And It simply can’t be handled by entering the password into.

For now, I was planning to handle this situation by updating the generic credential windows credential manager and It seems to work for me. However, I would like to ask If you have any other elegant way to handle this issue?

Hi @Matthew,
With use of orchestrator you can keep all credentials in orchestrator’s assets (as credential type) and in your workflow you can call just name of this asset. This allows you to easily update your credentials without changing anything in workflow process :wink:

In the end, I’ve switched to use exchange mail to directly access the mailbox, by using this method I can easily switch password :grinning:

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Nice workaround :slight_smile:.
Thank you for sharing this.

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