Elasticsearch setup with multiple nodes and certificate


I want to setup orchestrator to connect to 3 different master nodes. In the web.config file I will add the uri, but i am not sure how to properly assign 3 nodes. In the past i have connected to 1 node in the “uri” field in the web.config, but if i have three can i just put them in brackets? Like: uri: “[,, …]” ?

The elasticsearch installation also requires a certificate along with user and password. User and password i can manage, but how do you use the certificate? Is there anything in the web.config file i need to refer to, or can i simple install the certificate on the management server where orchestrator is installed?

Any help from elasticsearch gurus out there is much appreciated :slight_smile:

Edit: and yes, I have tried looking in the Orchestrator Guide documentation and not found info on how to do this :wink:


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Did you find a solution for this ?