Elasticsearch: Error While Sending Log Messages "Elasticsearch.Net.UnsupportedProductException: The Client Noticed That The Server Is Not A Supported Distribution Of Elasticsearch."

Resolution when Logs not being send to Elasticsearch after Orchestrator update to v22.10.1 .

Issue Description: After Upgrade of Orchestrator to 2022.10.1 (applicable for v2022.10.0 as well ) logs are not sent to Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch: Error while sending log messagesElasticsearch.Net.UnsupportedProductException: The client noticed that the server is not a supported distribution of Elasticsearch.

at void Elasticsearch.Net.RequestPipeline.FirstPoolUsage(SemaphoreSlim semaphore)

at TResponse Elasticsearch.Net.Transport<TConnectionSettings>.Request<TResponse>(HttpMethod method, string path, PostData data, IRequestParameters requestParameters)

at TResponse Elasticsearch.Net.ElasticLowLevelClient.Bulk<TResponse>(PostData body, BulkRequestParameters requestParameters)

at void UiPath.Orchestrator.Logs.Elasticsearch.NLogTarget.ElasticSearchTarget.SendBatch(ICollection<AsyncLogEventInfo> logEvents)

Root Cause: The issue is caused by the install method used for the elasticsearch (using the beta msi).

Resolution: While using .msi the following parameters are unknown, which is causing issues in this version of Orchestrator:

"build_flavor" : "unknown",

"build_type" : "unknown",

  • Elasticsearch should be upgraded, recommended is a 7.17+ , also .zip should be used.