Elastic search logging issue

How to send logs to elasticsearch, if the elasticsearch is behind a reverseproxy?


  • Logs are not being sent from Orchestrator to the Elasticsearch target if the Elasticsearch cluster is behind a reverseproxy.

Investigation steps:
  • Enable logging for the Nlog component in order to trace the logs forwarding path from orchestrator VM. To do so, edit the web.config (on older versions of orchestrator) or UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config file at nlog section by changing the internalLogingLevel to Trace and define a location for your nlog log file on internalLogFile image.png
  • Save the config file and restart the Orchestrator application.
  • Open the nlog file that was generated in your desired location and look for errors.image.png
Resolution steps:
  • Open back the web.config / UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config file and add the disablePing="True" parameter on your Elastic targets. image.png
  • Save the config file, restart the Orchestrator application and check if the logs are sent to the Elasticsearch database.
  • Don't forget to set back the nlog logging to "Off"
  • image.png