Elastic search kibana and uipath orchestrator

Hi @Varun_Dharni,

You can learn more on how to call different endpoints in the Orchestrator API here:
UiPath Connector Guide

I could not find a good enough video on youtube which shows you how to get robot logs. But I recommend you refer to @Cristian_Negulescu, ( for example, Start UiPath Process from Postman ON Premise (Orchestrator API) - YouTube) he goes into details on how to use both Cloud and On-Premises orchestrator APIs using Postman and Python. Learning how to use the API is a good investment in the long run :slight_smile:

Also to experiment different calls you can use the Swagger documentation on your cloud orchestrator or on-premises orchestrator by using /swagger at the end of the url
For example, https://cloud.uipath.com/YourCloudInstance/YourDefaultFolder/swagger

The page will look like this :