Elastic governance ruled by orchestrator

I read doc: https://docs.uipath.com/studio/docs/governance

and there is an option to set governance for user via Orchestrator Asset. I created required folder and asset and it worked pretty well. When I changed asset, after restarting Studio, policy had changed too.

But… According to this page I can set this asset with value per user. So my goal was to create two governance and switch beetwen them (by changing text value in asset) for specific user. When I turned off global value, and paste the same governance for user in user/value section, no governance was loaded for Studio.

I know I can create governance and paste location to file in registry or even paste governance to local. But I would rather like to switch them in Orchestrator for specific users. Right now it is working global only. Is it my configuration or it just not working in Studio/Orchestrator?

Studio: 2020.10.4
Orchestrator: 2020.10.4