Ejecucion de studiox de manera remota / running studiox remotely

¿Como podria ejecutar Studiox de manera remota? Es decir, supongamos el caso de que al completar los datos en un archivo de Excel quiero clikear un boton para que se ejecute la automatización de Uipath, sin necesidad de tener el Uipath abierto o instalado en mi computadora.
Lo mismo en un caso de que al recibir un email mi automatizacion se ejecute cada dia a determinada hora. Alguien me podria ayudar? Me serviria muchisimo!
Desde ya muchas gracias!!

How can I run Studiox remotely? That is to say, suppose the case that when completing the data in an Excel file I want to click a button so that the Uipath automation is executed, without having the Uipath open or installed on my computer.
The same in a case that when I receive an email my automation runs every day at a certain time. Someone could help me? It would help me a lot!
From already thank you very much!!

A StudioX project, similar to any UiPath Studio project, can be published and run locally from the UiPath Assistant or remotely through the UiPath Orchestrator.
See the links bellow for reference:

An important observation, UIPath StudioX is designed for “attended processes”, which means, for example, the “activities” you use may show a dialog which can block your remote execution.

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thank you so much for the answer! but my query is actually oriented to how I have to do to be able to run an automation from another computer without Uipath, that is, how can I get someone from another PC to touch a button and run the automation alone, or when a form is completed it also runs alone?