Edit text in PowerPoint and save it in a certain folder

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2 simple questions (I hope so):

  1. I have a PowerPoint where I want to replace some words/letters with other words from an excel file. I’m able to write what I want at that specific place, but what I need to do first is to delete the placeholder. For example somewhere on the page there ist the text “[BR]” and I want to replace the > BR < with let’s say the number 111, how can I select and delete the letters > BR < before writing 111? (tried a lot of activities but didn’t find a solution myself)


  1. Second question already solved. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!!!

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Hi @RPA_Rene,
Actually the simplest thing which goes through my mind is to send for PowerPoint a shortcut with Send Hotkey activity with ‘ctrl + H’ combination to open ‘Replace’ window and do this:


Hi @RPA_Rene,

Try to use VBA to do this requirement…It’s more stable.