Edit Specific Data QueueItem

Hi, I’ve read this article.

So I’m trying to edit Specific Data.

My Sequence is here.

Is it Possible?
I could not understand how to set HTTP Request.


For Post/Get method, with json format. I’m usualy (In most of the cases) just filling the BodyFormat as “application/json” and the body with the content that you have to provide. Sometimes, webservice server always need a body, so you can send :


In your case, you will have to provide the specific data to change like :

{ “itemKeyName” : “updatedValue” }

A good way to find your solution is to use a Curl or Postman or whatever you have to send webservices. Then try your request from this external application. Afterwhat you are sure that your request is good, you can simply re-write it on your UiPath HTTP Request.

Good luck, I hope it will help you :slight_smile:

Thank You! I will try it!

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