Edit selector to specifically exclude if a certain text is written

I’m working with a piece of software that throws a lot of different pop-ups upon saving the file. The pop-up selector all looks the same for each one except for the text listed. Some pop-ups prevent the file from being saved. I can easily recognize those with an Element Exist Activity and the following selector:

<wnd app=‘encompass.exe’ cls=’#32770’ title=‘Encompass’ / >
<wnd ctrlid=‘65535’ title=’*not be saved.’ / >

I want a separate Element Exist activity to recognize that the pop-up exists without that “not be saved” wildcard. Is there any way to do that?

It would be like a NOT operator
You could get Title attribute of every popup and with Regex validate if the Popup is NOT “Not to be saved” element
Check this:

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You can use On element appear activity with wait active and wait visible with ‘Continue on error’ as true with a timeOutMS property to just 3 seconds in a parallel activity scope so that you can retry it several times for saving the file.

make the selector dynamic and indicate the whole window as the element and you can delete the text you mentioned to make is generic.

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