Edit queue items specific content

Hey guys. Is it possible to edit the queue items specific content?

I have 2 workflows, one that reads an excel file and filters it and uploads the rows in 5 different queues depending on the filter.
The second workflow goes through a for each loop on each queue and reads it’s data, and does some comparisons, and based on those i have to edit some column values. How can i assign values on the specific content.
I couldn’t think of any way to edit the excel finding the exact cell to edit without having any info on which row to work on.

Once you’ve loaded the Excel file into the Queue, the Excel file is irrelevant. Editing it has nothing to do with the Queue nor automation.



But how do I approach this? How can I edit the specific data of a queue item? Is JSON strings the only method?

Did you read the other posts from the Google search?