Edit ItemInformation for Queueitems


I’m working on a process with a customer now and the customer wants to remove the data saved on the QueueItems when the transaction is finished. The QueueItems will contain sensitive personnel data to due to GDPR they do not want it to be stored infinite in Orchestrator.

If I have missed that there is a way to do this now please teach me :slight_smile:


you can upload an empty json representation of your data and overwrite.

Thanks for the response and tip, appreciate it. I have done it manually as you say mention.

But can it be done through an activity? I would like the process to end with clearing the data for the transaction.

To be honest i dont thing this can be done in any other way for now… If this is something you will be needing a lot i recommend that you create a process to automate it… Not even API method exists for this as it is very new feature to be able to edit the custom info of the transactions, maybe in the future…