Edit Argument is disabled in Invoke Workflow Activity

Hi everyone.
I’m trying to migrate my code from community edition to enterprise version. The enterprise version in installed in my client’s VM. I have updated the package versions based on my original studio version(community edition) but the invoke workflow activity is not visible in the activities. Also, the arguments in the invoke workflow is disabled. Can anyone help me on this?

You shouldn’t have to migrate code if you’re using the same Studio and package version, even when the license changes. Can you please tell me what Studio and System versions you are using? Are there any restrictive governance policies in place in your client’s environment?

If you could also send me the Studio logs in a private message, that would be awesome.

Hi @Tudor_Sandu.

I’m using community edition in my local machine to develop this code. Now I’m migrating the code to Enterprise version 20.4.1 in my client’s development environment. There are no internet connection in the client’s Development environment .I manually updated the package versions as there were some package mismatch when I tried to open the project in enterprise studio.

If by “community edition” you mean 20.6 or newer, please keep in mind that there may be incompatibilities when you reopen your projects in older versions of Studio (such as 20.4.1). Enterprise or Community makes no difference, just the version does.

With that said, if there is no internet connection, please make sure that the package versions you declared as dependencies are available either locally or in an accessible location (e.g. Orchestrator on intranet). Otherwise, check for failed dependencies in the Project Panel of the Studio instance running in the client’s environment.

If you checked all that and something still doesn’t work, please tell me what version of the UiPath.System.Activities package you are trying to use (you can see it in the Package Manager or in the Project Panel) so that we can check for any actual incompatibilities/bugs.