Edit A Published .nupkg Package In Studio

How to edit a published Library with an Object Repository in Studio if you only have the .nupkg file?

If the user only has access to the .nupkg file (no .xaml file) and they need to update a sequence from the published file, the following steps can be performed:

  1. Ensure the current .nupkg file is published to Orchestrator or Locally so a process can be created.
  2. Then create a new process, go to Manage Packages and the published library as a dependency to the project.
  3. Run the workflow.
  4. Once the workflow runs it will download an extracted version of the .nupkg file onto the path C:\Users\{username}\.nuget\packages folder.
  5. Browse for the "[libraryName]\[version]\lib\net45" folder and there you will find the project.json and .xaml file(s).
  6. If you also have an Object Repository published with the library, this can be found in "[libraryName]\[version]\contentFiles\any\any\.objects". This folder can be copied and pasted into the project folder (replace the existing .object folder with this new one).
  7. Open the .xaml file in UiPath Studio, modify required parts and republish it.