EDI Transaction Files Automation

Hello Everyone

I know that there is a Smart EDI Conversion Suite specifically for healthcare which I was able to find in my random search and also suggested by one of my colleagues (UiPath Healthcare SMART EDI Conversion Suite - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace).

I would like to any are there any other suites likes this from UiPath which could be helpful for us with handling some set of processes where we have a automation requirement which have EDI Transaction Files.

This is a question which I received from one of my sales colleagues. Can anyone help me with this please!!!???

Currently for EDI, we see only one component. May be you can share the requirements/needs you have in your mind that can be useful, in a post here on forum and that might be picked up by UiPath community for generating a component out of it.

Need Help in creating such post? Below link might help…