Edge Extension Not Working

I know people have discussed having this issue before but I haven’t seen a working answer. I get this error when I try to select an element in the Downloads window of Edge, as shown below

I do have the UiPath Edge Extension installed and I have reinstalled in plenty of times. I am able to click on elements in the browser elsewhere, just not in this Downloads menu.

Any ideas? Thanks


Yeah, I got the same issue, but as an alternative you can do as below

As the popup will open when it’s ready so you can make Element Exist to the Downloads which is appearing, you can make some timeout as max timing

So it will wait until the Downloads appear and after that you can scrape the Save as element

I believe you can scrape the downloads and save as elements

Hope this will help you


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How did you use Element Exists on the Downloads popup? When I try to select that window, I get the same error as before?


Did you try with this?


If still you are getting the error then again update the plugin and try


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