Edge extension inactive in locked mode?

Hi everyone,

I have built some web application using edge extension.
Everything works perfectly fine, but if I run the job remotely, while the PC is locked I am getting the error message “Cannot communicate with browser, please check your browser extension”.
Does the mean, the extension will be inactive once the PC is locked?
Also, has anyone else experienced similar problems and can it be configured somewhere?

Thank you guys:)

Hi @nicortak,
Which version of Studio/Robot do you have?

Enterprise Edition have robot process running under system thread. So if you have user logged out or screen is locked then service is still running in the background. In Community Edition this service is running under current user thread so when user is logged out or screen is locked service will not respond for anything.

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Hi @Pablito and thanks for your reply. I was trying to run in community edition, so I guess this is what is causing the problem. Strangely when I tried to test with other activities such as create file it worked when having a locked screen. Will update and run in enterprise version. Happy to hear it is only related to version.

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