Edge error message text wrong and link to 404 page

The German text is totally nonsense. Better write it in this way: “Wir haben festgestellt, dass Sie versuchen etwas in einem Browser zu erfassen. Jedoch ist die Erweiterung dafür nicht aktiviert. Bitte …”.

Also the link you are redirected to is not working anymore. It is https://docs.uipath.com/studio/lang-de/docs/installing-the-edge-extension with a 404 page.

2019-12-16 11_06_38-StrokesPlus

Could you please update those 2 issues?

Btw in the English version both seems fine:


This error is due to problem in installation / configuration of Edge

You can check the documentation in below

If it is not resolved, you can try with IE

Hope this helps


In other browsers it seems to work indeed.

But is that bug known? Sorry I have no idea what you tried to say with your post.

Are you able to see the uipath extension in your edge browser?

If it is not please refer the steps which is in link shared with you


Sure it’s all properly installed for sure.


This message appears because the browser extension is not enabled. So in this case you an either change the desired browser from open browser activity for enable the chrome extension. Once you have enabled the extension a small ui logo will appear at the top right hand corner for the chrome window.

Thank you.

If there is still issue after enabling the extension then remove the extension and re-start your PC and enable the extension one more time.

Still persists. Maybe it’s also a side issue of my other issue. Slow Selector selection when Open and Attach Browser is combined