Edditing rights of CoE Collaborator in Connect Enterprise Hub

I have assigned a user as CoE Collaborator and he is unable to edit an automation profile that he submitted an employee driven idea and was approved as an idea . The permissions pop-up has an asteriks beside the EDIT option and says CoE Collaborator can edit if " Editting rights enabled" … where do I enable this?

However, they can submit a CoE idea



Go in the automation Profile of that idea, Collaborators > and add that user as a collaborator in that specific idea. When adding the user (or later), you can decide how many editing rights you want to grant them for that idea where they are assigned as collaborator.

A Business Analyst (which fits under the COE collaborator permission level) can be assigned to idea 1 and receive editing rights to modify content in specific sections of that idea 1, but they will not be assigned to idea 2 (as another Business Analyst takes care of that), hence they should not be able to modify the content in idea 2 (because they are not part of the implementation team).

User guide: UiPath Documentation Portal
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