E-mail form | Saving data in variables

Hello Dear UiPath Community,

I am currently trying my hand at a project to automate a purchase order. The ERP system used for this is Dolibarr and UiPath Studio. I have developed a form with JotForm, which sends me data via email as follows:

How can I store this data (name, first name, address, email etc.) in UiPath variables. I am pretty much at the beginning and had tried to solve the whole thing with Excel. Unfortunately that didn’t work.

Thanks for your support :slight_smile:

Hi @PaulMo ,

You can read this mail body in string and do string manipulation or regex to get the data

Hey @ermanoj3101, i already saved the Text in a String Variable. I dont know the next steps. I watched some Tutorials but couldnt found a Tutorial with a Text where they stored parts in variables.

How would you do this?

Hi @PaulMo ,

There are two ways to do it.

1 - Stored it in dictionary ad key value an utilise further.
2 - Create One data table from Build data table activity and add these values as rows and columns.