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I am still a beginner in UiPath, but I have now created a process for myself where it automatically reads the e-mails and downloads the attachments from the e-mails. I have also combined this with an If-Else condition. So if the e-mail does not have the word order in the subject, an automatic e-mail should be sent back. This is not a problem if I specify the e-mail address to which I want to send the e-mail. Is there a command for this where I can specify that an e-mail is automatically sent back to the previous e-mail?

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Hi @MrJaegel

Could you please let me know the mail activity are you using to send and read the email?

I use IMAP and SMTP and use gmail as my e-mail service provider. I have taken a screenshot of the process.

Hi @MrJaegel

Thanks for the confirmation. Try using the modern activities that has more functionalities.

Instead of Get Imap and Send SMTP check if you can use “Use Gmail Scope” and do the same set of actions and you can you reply to Email activity to reply back to the mail message.

Documentation below.

Activities - Reply to Email (uipath.com)

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