E-mail-address change

I have a new e-mail-address. But UiConnect! doesn’t let me update this field of my profile.

You need to contact some team to change your mail id in connect @LarsMesterheide

here is the link


Thanks, @HareeshMR, but the say

“In UiPath Connect, the option to change the e-mail associated with your Profile is not available. You will need to create a new account.”

That doesn’t fit my expectations.

Oh, not sure about that, may be @Mara_Pitiga will help you here

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Do you have a solution, @Mara_Pitiga?

Hi guys,
Unfortunately it’s true, changing the email address is not an option currently. We are planning to add that in the future but we don’t yet have a date for it.
@LarsMesterheide are there any badges that you would need migrated to your new account? I am sure we can do that in the backend once you create a new account.

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Hi @LarsMesterheide,
Academy badges come from the Academy, so once you create your account and also update your email in the Academy, those will be pulled onto your new profile.
the Go and Connect achievements you have are linked to you creating an account/filling in your profile, so they will also appear on your new account. There is nothing there that will be lost, but if you have any issues after creating it and/or anything is missing, please reach out to me and I will help fix it.

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I created a new account. Badges were pulled automatically. Seems like all works properly. Thanks, @MaryB

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Hello @LarsMesterheide. Sorry for the delay - I was away on holiday (Thank you Mary for jumping in). Let me know if I can help with anything else. :smile:


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