Dynamics 365 UiPath component question and feedback


I tried the Microsoft Dynamics 365 component made by UiPath (link) version 0.1.0, and I have some issues.

I can connect to Dynamics and retrieve records, but when I try to update it I get this error:

Update Record: Principal user (Id=(Purged), type=8, roleCount=2, privilegeCount=0, accessMode=0, is missing prvAppendToSLAKPIInstance privilege (Id=(Purged)) on OTC=9752. context.Caller=(Purged)

The Dev team says this happens because the update is trying to update every field in the record instead of only the one I specify, specifically something regarding the SLA KPI (prvAppendToSLAKPIInstance) which should not be happening.

The documentation says:

Only one field change is allowed per Update Record activity. If you want to change more than one field in a single record, you must use the Update Record activity for each change.

I am only using one Update Record activity as recommended. Here are the parameters:


Is this a bug in the component?

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